Principles & Values


Strive for Excellence and Innovation

Uphold a commitment to excellence and innovative approaches in all aspects of our offerings.

Provide Authentic Experiences

Deliver genuine and authentic experiences that resonate with the essence of circus arts.

Exciting, Inspiring, and Engaging

Ensure that all interactions and activities are exciting, inspiring, and engaging for an enriched learning experience.

Positive and Inclusive Atmosphere

Foster a positive and inclusive atmosphere, promoting a sense of belonging and ownership.

Active Involvement of Children and Young People

Actively involve children and young people in the learning process, recognizing their unique perspectives and contributions.

Enable Personal Progression

Facilitate personal progression, encouraging continuous growth and development in each student.

Develop Belonging and Ownership

Cultivate an environment that fosters a sense of belonging and ownership among participants.

By adhering to these guiding principles and teaching approaches, we believe that Temple Cloud Circus / Regeneration Circus can provide an inclusive, safe, and rewarding learning experience for all students.

5 Elements of Wisdom

1. Through moments of reflective silence, purity in the mind we can listen to our inner truth the honest foundation of who we are & our integrity.


2. Through inspirational vision, personal growth, self responsibility  we can take action (Wood)

3. Though positive relationships, community, empathy & compassion we can share our inspiration, clarity and vision.


4. Through effort & hard work towards excellence and focus of the mind, we can make our dreams real.


5.Through Respect: Recognition and appreciation for diverse contributions, we can develop the humility to learn, grow, adapt, let go and strive for brilliance with dignity. (Metal)