Aims and Objectives


Temple Cloud Circus CIC, established in 2011, offers a diverse spectrum of services, combining circus arts with holistic wellbeing. From Circus Classes, Workshops, 1-2-1’s, Shows, Circus Parties, and pioneering Aerial Circus Therapy; we also teach an assessable framework of aerial circus disciplines: Trapeze, Silks, Rope, Hoop, Straps, Loop, and Triples Trapeze. In addition, we offer a variety of holistic sustainable well-being treatments, all of which demonstrate our commitment to the environment as they incorporate only organic products. The Regeneration Circus Wellbeing Festival Area, Event & Party Package as well as our in-house Aerial Circus Therapy Training Instructor Course are set to launch this year.

We have a history of securing funding in order to offer accessible services to the community at low rates (£3-£20 instead of £20-£145). We plan to purchase a secure home for the continuation and growth of our services and work in the community. We envision an all-year-round accessible low-cost program meeting the needs of our benefactors and providing all our existing services at the industry average rate, including premium service options for patrons to support our work. We envision a community hub of creativity and well-being, a multifunctional space for events, a community permaculture garden, a self-serve organic cafe, the introduction of Aerial Wellness Retreats, and short-term (9 Month Licence) supported housing incorporating aerial circus therapy to people facing homelessness, trauma, Mental health issues or feel they would significantly benefit from our 9-month circus and self-development program.

We would like to provide a holistic haven for personal growth and artistic exploration. Our plan involves using the revenue generated from large-scale festivals, funding bids, and the services at our premises to fund our impactful accessible program. Through this initiative, we aim to provide inspirational well-being packages to local beneficiaries, who are identified through our research as the segment of our community that struggles the most.

Our beneficiaries include people who may suffer from trauma, homelessness, mental health challenges, and low income. This approach not only sustains our mission of promoting holistic creative sustainable well-being, but also ensures that the transformative power of circus arts, inspiration, and magic reaches and positively impacts those in our community who need it the most. We are developing a holistic creative self-development Course to run alongside our Aerial Circus Therapy.

Current Situation

With mental health concerns on the rise, there is a growing demand for inclusive, warm, friendly engaging, and creative well-being services. Delivered by service providers that really care about people, our planet & our future. Inspirational creative educational shows & classes that aim to uplift and inspire individuals on their well-being journey. We have 25 years of experience in the Festival industry and a thriving Circus School.

Temple Cloud Circus has become a vibrant community hub, pioneering circus arts, and wellbeing initiatives. Despite successes, the current premises present obstacles, hindering the organization’s full potential. Leaky buildings, a lack of natural light, and inadequate parking have limited the current space’s effectiveness. The need for new premises is evident to fully realize the organization’s mission.


Embracing sustainability, we commit to fostering community togetherness, pushing artistic boundaries in circus arts, and integrating holistic wellness practices for physical, mental, and emotional well-being to provide a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space. We currently utilize MailChimp online surveys for impact monitoring and aim to optimize our effectiveness by seamlessly integrating monitoring into our services to ensure comprehensive feedback collection.

Through these initiatives, we aim to not only promote physical health but also cultivate a sense of well-being through a harmonious blend of circus arts and green initiatives, ensuring a transformative and enriching experience for all. Our goals also extend to efficient marketing, staff development, & collaboration with other circus organizations to strengthen mutual support and collective growth. Temple Cloud Circus’s mission is to provide transformative spaces for positive change, fostering personal growth, and community bonds.

Aims of Temple Cloud Circus Aerial Program

Inclusive Aerial Education

Teach accessible aerial skills and Aerial Circus Therapy for all ages and abilities.

Student-Centric Progression

Foster clear, student-led learning progressions at individual paces.

Inspired Circus Journey

Guide students’ unique circus journeys based on goals and ambitions. 

Safety Culture

Create a safety culture prioritizing a secure environment.

Personal Growth and Discipline

Nurture self-assessment, realistic goals, self-care, and self-discipline.

Diverse Offerings

Provide various aerial classes, parties, shows, workshops, and self-training.

Premises Expansion

Purchase premises to expand services and enhance the learning experience.

Excellence in Aerial Training

Provide excellent student-led aerial training with a focus on quality.

Accessible Holistic Classes

Offer inclusive holistic aerial circus classes.

Creative and Therapeutic Use

Develop Aerial Circus Therapy as a creative and therapeutic art form.

Inclusivity for All

Ensure accessibility for everyone, including disabled and neurodiverse members.

Healing Show Curation

Curate shows as healing tools for well-being.

Individualized Learning Approach

Personalize learning material based on individual needs and methods.

Heart-First Teaching

Emphasize “heart-first” teaching, prioritizing the heart and then the body.