Achievements and Milestones

Community Integration (2010 – Present)

Temple Cloud Circus CIC has been a vibrant community initiative for over 13 years, weaving the magic of circus arts into the fabric of South Bristol and beyond, and in 2022 became a social enterprise by registering as a Community Interest Company.

Aerial Excellence and Transformation

Awe-inspiring aerial circus shows and pioneering Aerial Circus Therapy (ACT), our circus has offered a transformative journey of personal growth and healing.

Dedication to Sustainability

More than a circus school, Temple Cloud Circus is dedicated to sustainability, aspiring to become a zero-waste haven and healing sanctuary. Our shows and initiatives address mental health, disabilities, and long-term illness.

Innovative Arts Council Shows (2022 – 2023)

Supported by Arts Council funding, our impactful shows blend verbatim recordings, audience responses, live readings, and dynamic interactions, addressing societal issues through artistic expression.

Holistic Wellbeing and Environmental Stewardship

Rooted in values of integrity, love, humility, and grace, Temple Cloud Circus promotes holistic wellbeing. Our philosophy emphasizes a balance across physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental dimensions.

Festival Presence and Temple Cloud Festival

Participating in festivals, we showcase our circus shows and organize the Temple Cloud Festival every June, contributing to the cultural richness of our community.

Supporting the Homeless

In alignment with our commitment to social responsibility, starting February 2023, we initiated a free massage program for people affected by homelessness in collaboration with BHP (Bristol Homelessness Project).

Diverse Offerings from Pink Lotus & Sustainable Health

Pink Lotus offers an apothecary of organic herbs, essential oils, balms, and natural medicine products, along with unique emporium items, beautiful festival healing spaces, and diverse creations available for hire at festivals and events. 

Funded Programmes

Our Aerial Circus Therapy program received funding from Sport England, and we also received funding from Sovereign Housing and SSE in 2023.