Our Vision & Mission

Mission Statement

Taking direct social action to restore community, empathy & mental well-being through inspirational interactive circus-engaged participation & sustainable holistic evidence-based practices; in a way that can be monitored, reviewed, evaluated, and improved.


Empower communities and nurture wellbeing through Regeneration Circus, a holistic hub where creativity, sustainability, and mental health intertwine seamlessly. We specialize in crafting interactive circus shows that cultivate a transformational synergy of entertainment and well-being.

Our mission is to redefine the circus experience as a catalyst for positive change, leveraging interactive and inspirational community performances to educate individuals, promote empathy, and foster personal growth. Regeneration Circus transcends mere spectacle; it’s a transformative journey, creating an inclusive and empowering space that connects, inspires, and uplifts, fostering positive change within and beyond our community.